Frequently Asked Questions

Read the answers to some frequently asked questions about learning the violin with the Suzuki Method in Kim Bishop’s violin studio.

If you have any other questions, please send your request via the contact page

What age can children start learning the violin?

Children of all ages can begin, however it is common for children to begin around the age of 3-5yrs old.

My child has been learning by a traditional approach. Can we join the Suzuki Program?

Yes. If the child is still a beginner the transition will be relatively easy. If the child is already accomplished, it may be necessary to have a discussion about how prepared the parent and child are to build the Suzuki repertoire from the beginning. Usually this learning will be quicker than starting as a raw beginner. Many children who have transferred to Suzuki Method have actually very much enjoyed the process and have been encouraged by their new skills.

Can adults learn the violin at Kim’s violin studio?

Yes. Often the parent will learn alongside their child. Suzuki Method is great for adult learners. Some of my past adult learners have developed very respectable competence on their instrument and have joined community orchestras and chamber groups.

What materials do I need to buy?

Initially, Suzuki Violin School Volume 1 and the corresponding CD. Please wait for advice regarding the CD, as there are a number of versions available.

You will need a notebook for writing down lesson points.

Although not compulsory, it is useful to have a video camera or smartphone to record the lessons.

How do I know what kind of violin to buy?

I will advise you. Please don’t buy a violin before we can have a discussion. If you already have an instrument in the house bring it along to our first meeting.

Initially, beginners will have their first lessons using a mock violin (made out of cardboard). During this time, I will measure the child and advise the size and recommend the model and supplier. There will be enough time for a violin to be ordered before the child is ready for the real violin.

How can I find out more about Suzuki Method?

Firstly, you can read about the Suzuki Method here on this website.

The book “Nurtured By Love” by Shinichi Suzuki” is essential reading for anyone interested in the Suzuki Method. This should be available in the public library, but can also be easily purchased from a music store. Ask me for recommended suppliers.

I will also supply studio new members with handouts and other recommended readings.

Ask any additional questions here about violin lessons, via the contact form. Kim will get back to you shortly with the answer.